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Spark is one of the very first sites to become part of the online dating culture. It began to spread the love between human starting from 1995, and as of now it caters to the relationship needs of people in 24 countries around the worlds.If you read our Spark Review  you will see why is maybe Spark right place for you


It is wise to mention here that Spark has not lost its charm in providing the best of dating, flirting, casual or serious relationship services to its customers worldwide. With its new and up-to-date online site, Spark has managed to make available the highest quality standards for its user by issuing a test called the color code, this particular test results in collecting detailed information about the personality of the person who has just become part of the Spark family. The site makes sure that the member uploads a picture of him or herself and the Spark allows the entire users to respond to the each other emails, without charging them any kind of fee. Most of the dating sites out there do not allow the user to avail this option, all they can do is sent a simple smile or flirt emotions to each other, but as mentioned before Spark is full of granting privileges to its customer, so that finding love and interacting with the other individual is not difficult.

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Whenever one is looking for a dating site, the first question that erupts in anyone mind is how is this site different from the rest of thousands dating sites out there. So let you know the distinction of Spark and what makes it one the top ten dating sites of recent times is the feature of color code that its provides its member with. Although this feature is also available on other sites such as eHarmony, which does not allow the user to have complete control of what should and what should they not do for a great dating experience, Sparks color code gives a broader view of the person you want to meet in terms of what they like, dislike and what are their hobbies etcetera. Spark caters the need of their customer by guiding them in a rightful manner, so that getting the date of their dream s is made possible and they are not disappointed in any aspect.
To sum it up, it would be right to say that the Spark has so much to offer to its users in terms of services and privileges that many sites charge for providing the same service. If compared with sites like and eHarmony, then surly has edge over them.


Members of Spark have the advantage of searching the profile own your own, along with controlling the pace of your communication, and see who you communicate with and whom not, all these and many more services are at the customers disposal and that too free of cost. Spark not only makes dating easy, but with the amount of online dating security, all your personal information is in safe hands and there is no danger of identity theft or any other kind fraud to be worried about. It has wide range of members. From single to divorce to widows and from straight to gay to bisexual, Spark has covered the need of all individuals out there, in every part of the world.

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Date: December 17, 2011

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