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Editor’s Rating: is an online dating websites that allows one to choose one’s desired partner based on one’s preferences. The “date” is not just restricted to finding a love partner but also to find general friends and people to spend time with. In our review we will make you all clear.The website goes back to 1997, when it was established and has till now, helped millions of men and women to find just the right partners for their life. It incorporates the use of certain technique which has the brains of different psychologist, relationships experts or communications professionals to create a program in order to help individuals to find the love of their life or the soul mate they have always been looking for. It works in the following way that it takes into account the traits of different individuals and develops a system that will work in the benefit of the users of the                                       

The process starts first through a membership, where an account has to be made with all the relevant details entered. These details also include one’s sexual orientation; hence the website serves the purpose of people of all orientations. The website recommends other people of the same information and likes. In order to facilitate the socializing process, the website is designed in the form of chat rooms, which allow the members to interact and discover more about others. The chat rooms are also equipped with other features such as audio messaging which allows members to interact more deeply. Most importantly, the video chat feature links people from around the globe and creates a presence that helps people find the right partners according to their interests. Like myriad dating sites out there, also has the option to buy the membership which is in the form of Silver and Gold and purchasing of these memberships allows the user to avail all type of services that has to offer.

Besides the chat features, the website is also available in many languages. It allows people to translate the page into the language of their choice. Three languages are listed on the top of the home page namely, English, Spanish and Portuguese.
A very important feature of the website is that it lists the top cities in the US where the dating is taking place or from where the people are searching for mates. It allows users to focus on the “hot” and “happening” places in the country very easily.

To sum it up, one could suggest that is certainly a creation of mixture of different online dating sites and the result is fruitful in the sense that it caters to need to millions of individuals out there in search for finding the “one” for themselves who share the ideas and thoughts that they carry. There is no certain downside to, other than the fact it does require money for exchanging massages and have video or audio chats, but that is all part of the online dating process. If someone has made an effort to find love or friendship on the internet than he or she would certainly pay for better search results in order to have the best encounter with the date that they have been hoping for.

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Date: December 19, 2011


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