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If you are looking for similar Christian soul ,check out our Christian Mingle review .For eleven long and trusted years Christian Mingle has established a clientele that makes it one of the most popular Christian dating sites.So here is our christian mingle review. It has served Christians not only in United States but all around the world. This site helps target Christians to find Christian partners for life long relationship i.e. marriage, serious romance or just friendship.

Making religion the basis of relationship, Christian Mingle does a great job in finding the best Christian partner for you, from their highly advanced online dating database. The idea behind this site is to bring individuals who share the same values of Christian faith such as believing in God and love for His son Jesus Christ. Hundreds of single Christians have signed in this particular site and found love eternal love in a person, whom they can spend the rest of their lives with.
The tagline of the Christian Mingle which is “Find God’s Match for you” , simply suggest the notion of finding the partner which was decided by God for you and like the old saying goes, “Marriages are made in heaven” so certainly by putting your trust in the God and His religion, you can find true love and Christian Mingle makes it happen in a more convenient way.

Now let’s move forward with how to get one self registered with this dating site, it is as simple as it is with other dating sites out there. You just have log in and create an account or you can simply connect with the famous social sites out there such as twitter or Facebook and start looking for the soul mate that God has made for you from the Christian Mingle vast membership base. The user should target the goals of creating the profile in terms of what he or she wants to get of it. Sharing of interests, likes and dislikes or even favorite Bible quotes and passages will help you in finding the person who share the same thinking as yours as well as his or her beliefs about the religion.
Like many other dating sites, Christian Mingle also provides you with the services of chatting sending instant messages, and emails etcetera. With the availability of such tools, one can talk about anything that interests him or her starting from hobbies, favorite movies, current events, religion, music and dating scenarios. The site allows you to share what you want and what you don’t. Control your interface by getting hold on how many people you want to interact with and not. Other features offered by Christian Mingle are of message boards, Bible verse of the day along with whole Bible at your disposal from which you can search which ever chapter you want to. Some of the mentioned features are free for all members, but others are only available to members who purchase the membership and want to avail the best of services offered by the site.


– $29.99/mo. for one month of service
– $16.99/mo. for three months of service
– $13.33/mo. for six months of service
There is no particular weakness of the site that one can point out rather there is a plus that should be magnified. Christian Mingle is one of the safest sites to date online as it has a very clear and transparent interface. Also it is less costly as compared to other dating sites on the internet and provides the user with best customer service for throughout the day and night.

Price: $29.90

Date: December 19, 2011

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